Friday, August 26, 2011

I feel like in order to have a blog I need to be a soccer mom.

I've been going through a bunch of blogs lately, reading up on the outside world since I never leave the house, and I've noticed that most of them involve something along the lines of: "....and Hunter will be turning 6 in two months while Holly turns 2 and Mark should be on the way soon! I'm so excited to buy new baby clothes!" ...I just don't have that. I could never have a child. The way they make it out to be on the tele is bad enough, but my mom loves telling me just how disgusting childbirth actually is. Granted, she probably just wants me to stay without kids, but she has no worries. No one wants me. Haha. I can't even stay with a guy for over a month without him getting tired of me. Well, it's bed time for me. Actually, I think I'll stay up and make one more beanie. Black and purple stripes? I think so.
Have a lovely day!

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