Saturday, August 20, 2011


Haven't posted much lately, but quite a bit has been happening lately.
I've been working on felt buddies because mom bought me a huge stack of felt to use. I've also been working on something like a gym bag, but crocheted granny squares and a pull-strings-to-close top. It's quite spectacular considering it's flaming orange.
I'm also trying to figure out a cool project that uses the items I have lying around in my craft drawers.
This includes (but is not limited to, of course!) :
Jingle bells,
Mounds of all sorts of colors of acrylic yarn,
Spools of pink, white, and green 100% cotton yarn,
400 kandi beads in the colors of Skrillex~,
166 yards of Acrylic/nylon/polyester yarn,
Thousands of stickers,
and tons more!
Any ideas, feel free to throw them at me! :D
For now, I must depart.

Thanks for reading! 

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