Wednesday, July 13, 2011

War is not the answer.

Give me a moment while I write down some stuff for memories...
  • Got a new book today. Actually, like 50 new books today. The one that stands out to me the most is the one by Rush Limbaugh. "The Way Things Ought To Be." I don't know why, I just want to read it really bad. 
  • I'm wearing shorts and two tanks. I'm enveloped by the smell of spaghetti. Mom's in the kitchen making it. 
  • I wore my panda bear hat today. 
  • Mom likes the tam I made. 
  • Dad lifted it and complimented my knitting. I crocheted it. 
  • I just got done stretching. Although it sounds like nothing, I can almost touch the top of the entertainment center with my toes while laying the opposite way. Not a big deal to you, but I have rods in my back that are screwed in. It's tough for me. 
  • I'm getting better at running, though it'd be cool if mom and dad would let me have the running thing in my room, so I don't have to do it clumsily around anyone else. No, it's not a treadmill, though a treadmill would be nice... and easier. 
  • Gavin acts like he's mentally retarded. Talking like a girl. Never finishing sentences. "Hungry gavin hungry." Nope, doesn't count as a sentence. He's 8 years old. He needs to quit acting like such a baby and grow up. 
  • Amanda has something against the words "I love you." I said it to someone the other day and she said it was nothing but "empty words said to someone half across the country." They live a state away. I'm sorry she's never felt anything like that, but maybe if she got up before 3 pm and went outside sometime, she'd find it. 
  • Listening to Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens. My new favorite song, actually. Should be for a while. I really like it. Reminds me of the person I told that I love them. Who is it? Well, I could be mean and tell you i's none of your business, like it is, of course. Instead I'll tell you thins. the person I love is the person I love. Doesn't matter who they are, I love them. 

Now to what I was going to write this about...

I don't see why people seem to care more about someone else's marriage but their own. It was proven that more then half of the people who mentioned something about how "fags ruin marriages" were cheating on their wives. I feel like their marriage was ruined by their own stupidity, not by someone else getting married to someone they actually love. Also on abortion, it was proven that 100% of the men who voted for/against it will never have one. Hmm. Funny the way that works, isn't it?
Before I go off on a rant, I'll end this. 
Thanks for reading, pleasure to meet you. 

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