Monday, June 6, 2011


As I stand there waiting for the obvious light at the end, I can’t help but wonder how fast it will come. Perhaps, by some leap of unfound courage I will step out onto the untrustworthy crumbling tracks. I hear the train coming. I came here knowing what had to be done, but now I’m unsure. 
All of the voices play back through my head. Some were positive, saying that I’d recover soon, and be over it all. Others saying I was nothing. A filthy, putrid human. I try to shut out the negative, but they seem to be the loudest. 
I take a step and fall to the ground. I pick my self up to my knees, and sit on the tracks with my legs crossed. Pictures of Dante’s Inferno play back from my memory. I don’t want to go there, but if that’s what’s after this horrid life, then I’ll gladly accept it. Then again, there are stories about a better place. Some call it heaven. I hope that’s what’s waiting for me when I go. 
I see the train coming and a wave of fear passes over me. I close my eyes and breathe slowly, calming myself. It’s the quickest way to go. This is the way I’ll be free. No one will miss me when I’m gone. 
Just as the thoughts pass through my head, I hear an interesting noise. The train passes me, and stops. It had switched over to the other tracks that branched off from the ones I was sitting on. Some passengers get off and stare at me as if I’ve lost my mind. Then a boy gets off, no older then me. He stops and looks at me. Before another thought, he walks up to me, halts, and sits down next to me.

I don’t feel so alone any more.  

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