Saturday, October 1, 2011

Overdosed on confidence

No, I'm not talking about the more than fantastic song by the alluring Drake.
My mom challenged me to reading the bible within 3 months, and beating her to the end. Granted I'll probably not take in as much information as I would like to from it, but at least I'll cover the basics, right? *crosses fingers*
On a random note, I almost threw up last night because I was coughing so bad. Like, I could taste it and everything. Too much info? Haha. Anyways, it was really strange since there was nothing leading up to it, I just randomly started choking my lungs out. Amanda came in my room like: "Gosh, don't die." So as I was gasping for air I was also telling her to "shut the dang door" so I could choke again and not wake up my innocent *snorts* little nephew from his slumber.
Well, I should probably get to sleep. I'm worried about Joe, though. He's been acting off lately. I hope he's okay.

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