Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day #2: A picture of someone you have been close friends with the longest.

Self explanatory. I love my dog. She listens more than any of my "friends" do. We're totally non-relationship soul mates, no joke. We've been friends for over 4 years and we always snuggle up close to go to sleep. (Well, she snuggles up into my bent knee because I sleep on my side and she's really really warm. See picture...) She'll also lay her head in-between my butt and the couch while I'm sitting up at night on my computer. I guess it's warm or something. Anyways, I love my dog and if you met her over Skype or in person you'd fall in love with her and all her awesomeness. I know all of my friends so far have.

See yall tomorrow!

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