Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm probably going to start like... blogging. Haha. I just need to let some stuff out.

So, as I sit here, listening to We Are The In Crowd, I think about where my life is going. I mean, I've always wanted to open my own cupcake shop, but maybe that's not what's best for me. I want to open a beanie shop, I even have the website done, but my mom wont take me to get a bank account. She doesn't want to take me because in order to open an account, I'd have to have 50 dollars ready to put into it, but I'm currently broke, so I'd have to borrow it from my parents. Of course I'd be sure to hurry up and sell a bunch of beanies so that I could pay them back quickly. I already have a bunch of people interested, and I could show my parents that I can be responsible, unlike my brother and sister, with money. I'd be able to save up for college and whatever I needed, and I wouldn't just blow it on buying new clothes from the mall. I mean, yea. Going shopping for clothes sounds awesome. We never go shopping for clothes unless we absolutely need them, and even then we only get what we absolutely need. Heck, I wouldn't even buy a car with it. That's not even something I'm worried about. I JUST need 50 bucks so I can open the bank account I need to start my business. I wish she would just let me borrow it. I'm not even going to spend it. I just need to put it into a safe account, I WONT EVEN HOLD ONTO IT, and then take it back out once I make 50 bucks. It's not that hard considering I have tons of people excited and willing to buy more then one. If I don't open a bank account soon, I'm just going to say screw it and give them all away. I wont even care, I'll just give them to whomever wants them. After all, I didn't buy the yarn. She did. I even plan on helping out around the house with the money I'd make. Seriously. There's no way she could lose. I'd finally have friends. For once. I'm so freaking lonely here and I hate it. There's no one to go to with my problems. Heck, last time I tried to tell dad about something, he said that everything I've been through had taken a toll on me, and it might be a good idea to talk to a Psychiatrist or something. Of course. I'm psycho. I get it dad, thanks. I'll just go talk to someone who knows absolutely NOTHING about me and pretend like they'll fill the emptiness for me. Such intelligent input, I'm glad you threw it out there. 
Just let me show you how responsible I really am, and I will.

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